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      Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System

      Realize the standardization and automation of nucleic acid extraction

      Product instruction

      Based on the classical method of magnetic particle separation, uses 96-well deep well plate as the test carrier to realize the automatic extraction and purification of high-throughput and high-purity DNA/RNA. With all the operation steps and functions of conventional nucleic acid extraction, and can be customized according to the details of the reagent you use hardware modules and software functions, to meet the requirements of high purity, fine purification of nucleic acid.

      Performance and feature

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        High degree of automation

        The whole nucleic acid extraction process is automatically completed by the instrument, without manual operation

      • 02


        High throughput

        Based on the classical magnetic particle separation method, nucleic acid extraction from 96 samples can be completed at one time

      • 03


        High precision sampling

        Pneumatic displacement sampling, double liquid level detection, capacitive liquid level detection and pressure clot detection have a wide detection range to ensure accurate control of the liquid sampling process

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        Easy to operate

        Chinese software, graphical, intuitive, simple, easy to learn and easy to operate